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Finding My Cadence Through My Business

Finding My Cadence Through My Business

May 23, 2022

My journey as an entrepreneur begun as I was searching for an answer to an ever-present questions that I had – `How can I be a better mother and when is my light going to final shine the brightest?`

I found my drive to having my own business into my desire to provide to him the best possible life that I could, as a full-time working mother. What amazed me was that the answer was right in front of me: I combined my passion for knitting with my imaginative side and this is how House of Pumpkin came to light.

During this process, I had to face a lot of hurdles, but my willing to prove to myself and to my son that when you truly work and wish for something you can achieve it, triumphedover every impediment that I had.

Today, one of the biggest joys that this business offers me is the bonding time I get to share with my son. Also, as a woman, I realized that this business gave me the confidence that I needed. It was finally that stepping stone in my personal growth that I was longing for. It enriched me with courage, resilience and it proved me that if I believe in my vision, I shouldn’t take `no` for an answer.

This business gifted me the cadence I need in my life, so that I could become a better mother and a fulfilled human being.

So pleased to be part of this inspiring campaign with the women entrepreneurs of @cribsociety in partnership with @senreve. Read more stories here #CribXSenreve