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November 22, 2022

If you want something that doesn’t exist, create it!

As a first-time mom, and as a mother in general, you only want what’s best for your child. As a I became a single mother when I was 22, my money sector took a big toll and it turned into a crucial aspect to factor in.

Consequently, for someone in their early 20’s who makes an executive assistant salary, it was a difficult challenge to find and purchase the best apparel fibers for babies. However, I was adamant towards offering my son the best, so that was when I shifted my paradigm.

Since I couldn’t afford any luxurious predesigned clothes for my child, I decided to take matters into my own hands and I started knitting them myself!

When I knit the clothing myself, I’m the only one who decides which thread I’m going to use, which type of fabric, the color palette, design and so forth.

I even started knitting matching designs for me and my son to wear! I got to say, those ones have a special place in my heart.

During the early stages of my knitting journey, I discovered something truly important. Knitting is not merely a way to create a sleek design that would impress others. Knitting is the way through which I could create memories about my dear ones. Knitting offered me a safe place where I could express my creativity, cultivate my patience and earn much more than some lavish garments.

And I wanted other people to feel the same magic that I experienced when I saw my son wearing my designs.

Hence, I started House of Pumpkin. I wanted to make sure that through my designs, which are destined both for children and for the entire family, but also through my knitting lessons everyone could achieve that ethereal feeling of serene moments spent with dear ones. 

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November 11, 2022


There is so much to talk about when it comes to what I love about Launchpad. From an entrepreneur’s perspective, it is equally important to gain recognition through what you provide to your customers, as well as finding the right support in such a competitive sector like the business world.

At Launchpad I found not only a group of enthusiast professionals ready to promote your business, but also a community. You feel embraced in your endeavors and you actually get the help your hustle needs in order to succeed. Simply by being a part of this entrepreneurial community composed of smart and righteous business men and women, you will gain the tips of the trade and become the best version of yourself.

From a personal perspective, Launchpad is the companion I needed. It offers access to incredible leaders and educators who are ready to take on the challenge of making you reach the highest peaks in your profession.

What I especially appreciate is their bi-monthly masterclasses and events opportunities. All of the topics are business related, from hiring advice and media strategies to negotiation techniques and marketing development, your business skills will meet a sky-rocketing improvement. Another great opportunity that Launchpad is offering, is their small-group mentoring support, where you analyze and overcome business related issues.

I am so thankful for joining Launchpad and its network. I feel supported and accompanied in my business venture every step of the way.

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November 10, 2022

House Of Pumpkin x PACE

Finding ways to save up money can become a challenging task nowadays, especially if you want to pursue your hobbies.

Good news is in store!

You can now use @paywithpace ! If you want to pay for your knitting classes workshop fees and interest fees, Pace is the way to go.

The platform allows you to acquire in later payments whatever you would like to purchase, with no interest or hidden fees.
You can now purchase your knitting lessons and pay them in 3 interest-free installments.

Always follow your dreams and never let go of what you know is best for you

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October 03, 2022

House Of Pumpkin X ATOME

Hey, everyone!

We have some pretty exciting news to share with you.

We are on ATOME! On ATOME you can shop all of your favorite House of Pumpkin products and pay for them in 3 instalments. And the best news is that there is a 0% interest!

Click on the link down below and hop on your shopping spree, without the stress of having to pay all of the money upfront.

It’s time you buy what you want, enjoy it now and pay for it later with ATOME. There are also a ton of famous brands in Singapore, that ATOME carries. It’s as simple as that: 0% interest, pay in 3 instalments and flaunt your purchases.

We would be proud to see you wear our House of Pumpkin items that you bought from ATOME. So, tag us in the post you’re wearing our knittings and we’ll love you back!


House of Pumpkin

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Breast Cancer Foundation Knot Wristlet Workshop
October 01, 2022

Breast Cancer Foundation Knot Wristlet Workshop

We want to enter the month of breast cancer awareness with the best possible project!

This year we are doing this in collaboration with the Breast Cancer Foundation and we are honored to be in this position.

We will be conduction knitting workshops where anyone interested or who wants to contribute to this cause, can learn how to knit the Japanese Knot Wristlet.

The wristlet is versatile, stylish and it carries a lot of space for your daily essential products. It will be a well worth time invested for a great purpose.

The Japanese Knot Wristlet Workshop will be taking place at the Trehaus Café, Funan.

There will be 3 sessions organized for this event, each session consisting of 2 hours. The lessons will be conducted Saturday and Sunday, from 10AM to 12PM and from 2PM to 4PM.

You can find the best time for you to join us, since the time slots available are optimal.

The fee for participating to this workshop is $300. All of the materials, drinks and snacks will be included in the workshop fee! All you need to bring is a positive attitude and an open mind.

For every workshop lesson purchased or wristlet bought, we will be donating $20 to the breast cancer awareness cause.

Be part of this initiative and come get your wristlet!

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September 26, 2022

Why Learning How To Knit With House Of Pumpkin Is A Must

Knitting has become one of the most beneficial activities you could do to improve your mental wellness and your motor skills. Since this hobby is addressed both to children and adults, taking knitting lessons has increased in popularity in the past years. From knitted sweaters, to crochet swimwear and dresses, knitting has also won some major fashion points from big names in the industry.

Do you want to know which knitting classes to take on? House of Pumpkin has got you covered!

Here are the top 3 reasons why you should start knitting with House of Pumpkin:


1.             Home-based classes

Perhaps you have wanted to start a knitting project for many years now, but you didn’t want to go through the hustle of having to leave the comfort of your home.

Sure enough, going to a crowded place, full of people that you don’t know can be quite challenging for the introverts out there. Not to mention the toll the pandemic has had over our mental health and daily habits.

We always strive to bring you the best services and our at-home knitting classes make no exception. You give us your address and our knitting instructor will bring all of the knitting supplies you will need to start your knitting journey.

If you are a knitting beginner you will love our classes. We approach our lessons with patience, kindness and creativity. Your confidence as a knitter will get a much-needed boost and you will have a lot of fun with us!

Of course, for the more advanced knitters, we will teach you all of the tips and tricks of the knitting art, as well as some intricate techniques that will refine your knitting skills.


2.             Low-Priced Knitting Sessions

We have all experienced how easily a hobby’s bill can add up and it can be a serious bump in the road for most of us. It can become frustrating to want to pursue a hobby and develop your skills in that direction, only to have your finances get in the way.

House of Pumpkin always encourages its community to spend more quality time doing the things they love. This is the reason why we have set up our knitting sessions at fair prices, significantly lower than most in the market, without altering the high quality of our services.

For $200 you get full access to our knitting sessions, so you can finally be that knitting pro that you have always dreamed of becoming.


3.             We Value Our Clients

Finding balance in your daily life can be both challenging and exhausting. We know that your time is precious and we strive to make the most out of it.

Whenever you want to change the time of your classes, we are happy to accommodate your wishes. We also want you to feel the best while taking our classes and to fully enjoy the benefits of knitting, from lowering the blood pressure and anxiety levels, to increasing your motor skills.

This is why we provide a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere while enjoying our House of Pumpkin knitting sessions. You will finally let your worries be bygone and savor the moment. You can communicate with us at any time during the sessions and ask us any questions you might have about the fascinating world of knitting. We will gladly answer you.


4.             Knitting Membership

Because we know how important the establishment of any class is, we will set up the Knitting Club at the Treats Café. The environment will be modern and fresh, yet cozy and friendly. You will feel completely at ease and ready to conquer a new skill.

The House of Pumpkin Knitting Club is also offering group lessons.

If you and your friends are curious and want to learn more about knitting, then this would be a fun and engaging project for you. We also encourage members of the family to join you, since you can start a knitting project together. You will improve your communication skills, spend quality time with your loved ones and bond over a shared hobby. Wouldn’t that be lovely?

In the process of learning how to finally knit that sweater design you envisioned, you will tie new friendships and discover a lot of new people. You know what they say – Friends that knit together, stay together!

Because we love snacking, all of our knitting sessions include food and drinks, so you can indulge in a truly marvelous time.


If you are unsure whether or not to start your first knitting project or to continue your hobby as a pro knitter, you can always contact us at and we will share with you more information about our knitting sessions.




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September 18, 2022

Get Your House Of Pumpkin Knitting Membership

We love knitting and we truly understand its noteworthy benefits. From anxiety and stress relief to focus and motor skills improvement, if you start knitting, you’ll notice a significant improvement in your daily life.

Therefore, we want to bring knitting to the younger generation’s attention!

House of Pumpkin is offering you a knitting membership, no matter if you are a knitting beginner or not.

You could bring your old knitting project and get specialized tips and tricks on it to finally complete it. Or, if you simply want to start your knitting journey, we are happy to welcome brand new knitters as well.

Did we capture your curiosity?

Here are some important details about our knitting membership:

Knitting Membership Rates:

1 lesson / 2 hours each lesson - $100 

1 month, 4 lessons / 2 hours each lesson - $350  

3 months, 12 lessons / 2 hours each lesson - $900 / $300 for 4 lessons 

6 months, 24 lessons / 2 hours each lesson - $1500 / $250 for 4 lessons 

12 months, 48 lessons / 2 hours each lesson - $2400 / $250 for 4 lessons 


10% Discount for 2pax sign up and above. 


Location (For Saturday & Sunday lessons):

Trehaus @ City Hall
109 North Bridge Road, #07-21 to #07-33
Singapore 179097 (Via Lift Lobby A)
Tel no.: 86662527


Day & Time:

Monday - Friday 

7.30pm - 9.30pm

(1-1 lesson you can cook a cafe of your choice in your neighbourhood.)


Saturday or Sunday:

10am - 12noon

12noon - 2pm

2pm - 4pm 

4pm - 6pm

7.30pm - 9.30pm (1-1 lesson you can choose a cafe of your choice in your neighbourhood.)


In these single 2 hours session, our experienced needlecraft teachers will help you to read the charts and symbols in your knitting project. If you are stuck with a technical problem, our teachers will try to help you get unstuck and learn from your mistake.


What to bring:

  1. Only knitting patterns written in English.
  2. Materials/tools that you have already purchased for the project.
  3. If you do not know what to purchase, you can get the knit kit from us. We can customise a knit kit for you. 


Things to take note of: 

  1. Lesson is conducted in a small group setting (5pax max).
  2. No materials will be provided.
  3. Tea Break will be included for every lesson. (Only for Saturday & Sunday lessons) 
  4. Knitters who don't turn up for a lesson will forfeit the lesson.
  5. If a knitter is late, the lesson will still end at the original ending time.
  6. There will be 1 replacement class for every 4-lesson purchased.



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September 12, 2022

How To Spot The Best Knitting Fibers For Your Project?

1.      Increased Quality, Lowered Moisture

A high-quality knitting fiber should keep you as dry as possible, without feeling harsh on your skin. This is why it is crucial to select a knitwear fabric that is qualitative and rather pay more for it than feeling scorched and humid.

2.      Thin Versus Bulky

The lighter the fabric, the more comfortable on your skin. For a knitted summer dress, a thinner yarn is to be preferred.  However, for those chilly winter nights, a heavier fiber is better, since it increases your body temperature and keeps you nice and warm.

3.      All The Fuzz

Fuzziness and fluffiness might sound great for winter, but during summer, the fuzziness of the fiber reduces the skin’s breathability, leaving you sweaty and dehydrated. Make sure to select a knitting yarn that is appropriate to your knitting design and season.  

4.      Worsted Weight Yarn

The worsted weight yarn is a top choice if you’re looking for something in between summer and winter. Not too lightweight, nor too heavy, it sits comfortably on the skin, while offering enough heat and air flow at the same time. The worsted weight fiber is an excellent choice also for the knitting beginners, since it has a clear stitch and it’s easy to knit.

In the end, it’s all about necessities when choosing your knitting supplies. The trick is to always keep in mind that the quality, density and weight of the fiber are the top indicators of a smartly picked knitting yarn, no matter the season.

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September 07, 2022


Over here, at House of Pumpkin, we are so thrilled to be featured on Lucy’s page about businesses to follow. Lucy is a mobile banking platform offering support to women entrepreneurs in Singapore. Besides helping business women grow their dreams and achieve their goals, it is a fab tool that comes in handy every day. You can track your family expenses and have a better understanding on how to save up more.

Lucy is doing a tremendous job in promoting women in business. We understand first-hand how important it is to be backed up by a strong partner, especially in the early stages of your business development. For a new comer in the business world, but also for more experienced entrepreneurs, it is crucial to have people that trust your vision and support your decision.

For instance, they have a dedicated page which promotes entrepreneurs, by picturing a bigger image on their goals and aspirations, as well as a brief description on the women behind the business.

Finding the right collaboration can be difficult at times, so we are thankful for the support of Lucy. If you want to take a look at how House of Pumpkin and myself are being portrayed in the business world, click here.

Take a closer step towards your business path and check out Lucy.


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September 05, 2022

How To Choose the Right Knitting Fiber For Different Seasons?

Knitting is one of the best forms of relaxation out there. It brings a soothing atmosphere around you and increases your creativity. But did you happen to stress out over what type of yarn to choose from winter? Is Merino wool more suited than silk knitting yarn?

When choosing your knitwear yarn, it’s important to remember your project. Do you want to knit a scarf or are you interested in crocheting a sweater?

Are All The Knitwear Yarns Year-Round Appropriate?

1.      Winter Wonderland Fibers

Just like with any other season, winter comes with its territory, especially when choosing the best knitting yarn for a knitted blanket or sweater.

·       Alpaca yarn

We’ve all seen at least one Alpaca wool coat and scarf that we fell in love with. However, when put directly on the skin, the wool can feel itchy and uncomfortable. Even so, the outer layers of the Alpaca fiber are soft and luxurious, offering a lush sheen to your knitting project.

·       Yak yarn

The ultimate choice for knitted sweaters, the yak yarn is soft, comfy and more affordable than other winter fibers, such as merino wool or silk.


2.      Summer Time Yarns

During summer, since the weather is dry or perhaps humid, depending on your location, you should stay away from big bulky yarns, such as wool. Besides cotton yarns, summer brings a ton more options and variety to truly enjoy your knitting project.

·       Linen yarn

One of the knitting fiber stars, the linen yarn is a strong fiber that will last you a long time. Its best advantage is that linen doesn’t get stained so easily, due to its abrasion resistance. No worries if you’re a messy eater.  

·       Bamboo yarn

Keeping you cool, this plant-based type of summer knitting yarn is definitely high on our list. The qualitative stitching and lush sheen that comes from it will get your project to the next level, while leaving your skin soft.

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September School Holiday Workshop
August 29, 2022

September School Holiday Workshop


We are excited to announce that we will be conducting knitting workshops at @trehauscafe this September for kids and adults. These classes are perfect to spend some quality time with your children during the school holiday.

The kids will learn new skills and you will not have to worry about how to fill up any spare time for your little ones. During these classes, you will create a stronger bond with your children and understand that creativity is best perceived when it is shared.

Finally, you can interact with other adults and kids that have the same hobby as you and perhaps develop meaningful connections with them as well.

See you soon!

P/S: Follow @theknittingplace.hop @houseofpumpkin & @trehauscafe to get $5 off lesson fee.

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The Stylish Guide To Summer Knitwear
August 20, 2022

The Stylish Guide To Summer Knitwear

Knitwear has taken the fashion world by storm. Yes, even during the spring-summer season. Famous fashion houses like Acne, Jacquemus, Isabel Marant and Miu Miu enriched their catwalk presentations with a display of intricate knitted jumpers, sweaters and crop tops for their summer cruise collections.

A fashion faux-pas would be to be reluctant to wear such hot knitted pieces. Who said that knitted sweaters are only for a winter wonderland escape?  Staple knit pieces are here to stay and they do leave an impressive fashionable mark on the summer season as well.

1.           Fitted knit dress

A bodycon or an A-line knitted midi or mini dress offers an allure of luxurious style, without looking like you pit too much of an effort into your look.  This summer, designers jumped on this idea and ran with it in big style. A marine inspired outfit would work wonders on a cruise or on a boat tour in Italy. Wear your macrame knit dress with a giant straw bag and boat shoes for a complete look.

2.           Italian knitted sweater

If you’ve ever been to Italy, you know that Italians have a sense of style in their blood. A versatile way of wearing a knitted sweater during the summer season, is by wrapping it on your back over a polo shirt or linen shirt. The summer yarns are especially made to allow your skin to breathe and to permit the airflow to circulate. For those late-night summer strolls, a crochet stitched sweater is an iconic fashionable piece that you should invest in for your essentials’ wardrobe.

3.           Co-ordinated knitwear

Effortless style will always be on trend. And what better way to achieve that than with a knitted coordinated set? From pastel colors for a spring canvas, to bright and bold satin knitted crop tops and mini skirts for a summer look, you will rule the fashion world without hassle.

4.           Knitted jumpsuit

Meet your new best friend: the knitted playsuit. Versatile, chic and easy to wear, a knitted jumpsuit is perfect for any occasion. For a riviera look, wear it with Roman sandals and a satin headscarf to add that element of luxury. Comfortable and fun, a macrame jumpsuit goes from stylish sport to urban glam really fast.

5.           Crochet swimsuit

Dive deep into the knitwear world and make yourself a fashion favor – buy that macrame bikini. From knitted one-piece swimsuits to the crochet bikini, make sure to pick a color that is inspired by Earth tones. This will best complement your skin tone, making you look even more glowy and tanned. Style your beach-ready knit look with a pareo or a matchy crochet cover-up for a fun infused knitted attire.   

6.           Knitted crop top

If you’re a go-go-go type of girl, a knitted top is a must-have piece. Made from summer destined knit fabrics, a crop-top will lead you from a casual afternoon to a party perfect evening. For a fun and effortless look, style your favorite crochet crop top with a pair of above-the-knee straight cut jeans, an oversized blazer and high-rise Converse sneakers.


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July 28, 2022

Top 5 Reasons Why Companies Should Consider Knitting For Team Building Events

Knitting has been seen as one of the top hobbies for stay-at-home moms or for elderly people. However, recent studies have shown the incredible benefits of knitting for the body and mental health.

Since pandemic has taken a toll on companies and its employees, both on an economical and social level, joining a knitting group or organizing a knitting team building event comes with stellar perks. Bonding on a personal level without interfering, learning to better communicate, developing emotional intelligence and increasing social skills are only some of the perks that companies can take out of booking a corporate knitting session.

If you aren’t convinced yet, here are our top reasons why companies should explore knitting as a team bonding solution:

1.      Promoting Social interactions

The corporate social setting can get boring or stiff quite fast, especially for the introverted employees. People usually need a common ground from which they can start a conversation and develop a healthy professional relationship.

By participating in a corporate bonding knitting session, the coworkers will develop a sense of community, while engaging on the same knitting project. Working on a knitted sweater is different from contributing to a PowerPoint presentation. They learn how to better communicate their needs, while being in a fun and creative environment, without the stress of a deadline or competing against each other.


  • improved social skills;
  • better communication;
  • pressure-free interaction.

2.      Mindfulness Exercise

For everyone, from pros to the knitting beginners and for knitters who haven’t touched a knitting needle in ages, the art of knitting requires significant focus. With every cast-on and stitch, your employees will develop a sense of liberation from pressing thoughts and negative vibes. They will dive deep into an atmosphere of serenity and liberate their minds, while focusing on the repetitive action of completing the knitting patterns.


  • increased creativity;
  • better understanding of problems;
  • improved times for solution finding.

3.      Cognitive Booster

It has been scientifically proven that knitting can significantly reduce the likelihood of Alzheimer’s disease, which is one of the major triggers of dementia. The repetitiveness behind the needlework is responsible for improving the hand-eye coordination, while stimulating the brain function.

This is why booking a knitting session can be so valuable to your employees. They will learn a new skill and have you to thank for instilling in them the passion for such a beneficial activity.


  • boosted brain function;
  • increased memory function;
  • improved reasoning.

4.      Fighting Depression and Anxiety

Whether you knit or crochet, with every stitch and due to the repetitive action of casting-on the mind is focused on said action, rather than on obsessive thoughts, pressing preoccupations and stress. Seeing a finished knitted sweater or crocheted scarf triggers the release of serotonin. This leads to a sense of fulfillment and joy. Of course, it’s advised to seek medical treatment for clinical depression or severe forms of anxiety.


  • increased productivity;
  • better sense of self-worth;
  • boosted confidence;
  • promotes the creative flow.

5.      Reducing loneliness

Besides the noticeable benefits of knitting for the body, such as lowering the blood pressure, regulating sleep and offering distraction from chronic pain, there are emotional bonus points as well. Joining a knitting community or talking to a fellow knitter about a new knitting design will alleviate the sense of loneliness. Coworkers can improve their office relationships, while enjoying their lunch break and sharing more on their knitting experiences, what knitting yarns are best, tips on how to find the best knitting shops and so on.


  • feeling a sense of belonging;
  • identifying with a group;
  • increased social interaction.

Check out our corporate knitting classes and create a safe and creative environment for your employees, where they can meet, interact and bond over a beneficial hobby.


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Knitting A Sustainable World
July 25, 2022

Knitting A Sustainable World

Sustainability – it’s on everyone’s lips these days. If you wonder why making eco-friendly and sustainable fashion choices is not only a hot topic, but also a crucial aspect for our planet, here are some hard facts:

  • 93 billion cubic meters of water are used every year in the fashion industry. This is the equivalent of the consumption needs of 5 million people;
  • The fashion industry emits more global carbon emissions than the flight and maritime shipping industries combined;
  • 40% of the fashion purchases are never used in some regions.

It’s time that the knitting community proves its power!

Knitting can be a sustainable alternative to the hectic shopping habits and impulse consumerism that today’s society is responsible for. Sustainable knitting or crocheting is not only possible, but even better, it’s cost effective and you’ll make ecological fashion decisions.

Let’s make an imagination exercise. A knitted sweater will take you up to one week to finish, or even more if you’re a knitting beginner. The cost of it will surge to $90. So how could brands make ethical decisions and implement sustainable tactics into their business if they manufacture massive amounts of knitwear in less than 7 days at a cost of under $20?

Ethics and sustainability don’t always mean the same. A sustainable knitting brand can be careful with its dyeing colors and use sustainable bamboo yarns, but underpay its employees and make them work in unsafe conditions.

 If you want to make a difference and contribute to a green fashion industry, here are some tips to make your knitting practices sustainable:

1.    Knit Your Clothing

Whether we’re talking about a knitted dress, a knitted sweater or any knitted garment, opting to use your own knitting supplies and getting to action will make an impact on the sustainable fashion scale.

You’ll leave behind the urge to shop trendy yet unpractical clothes, that you’ll only wear once and then leave it in the dark corner of a drawer. Not to mention that you’ll take more care of something that you made from scratch.

2.    Choose Sustainable Knitting Yarns

An ecologically friendly yarn will work wonders for your sustainably knitted project. Depending on the knitting patterns and designs, there are plenty of knitting yarn options, such as: organic bamboo, Tencel, silk, organic cotton or upcycled fibers. Try to stay away from polyester, nylon, acrylic or synthetic dyes, since these are harmful to the environment.

For example, House of Pumpkin uses yarns from Wool and the Gang, offering pre-consumer waste fibers, sustainably sourced wool, upcycled yarns, with a focus on eco-friendly sustainable fibers.

3.    Recycle Your Knit Clothing

Making a shift and choosing the eco-friendly lifestyle is totally achievable with knitting. If you’ve just discovered knitting and you’re a noob at stitching and cast-on, you can still become fully sustainable with your knitwear. 

Perhaps you have some yarn left from a previous knitwear piece. Why not incorporate it into the new knitted sweater that you work on? You can also do so with any knitwear that doesn’t fit right anymore or that you don’t like as much. Unravel it and use the yarn for a new and exciting knit piece.


Knitting is a gift that keeps on giving. When you knit, you get a sense of satisfaction and pride for the finished knitting product. But it offers even more than this.

It gives you the chance to hop on the slow-fashion wagon and start creating your own eco-friendly sustainable knitwear. You’ll love it more than any designer piece. It has your signature on it and it saves the planet. Kudos to you, knitter!


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Top 3 Hacks for Shopping Kids Knitwear
July 19, 2022

Top 3 Hacks for Shopping Kids Knitwear

Buying knitwear for kids can be so fun and rewarding, especially if they are little and you get to see their honest reaction when receiving the gift. But have you always been successful when picking the perfect knitwear garment for kids? Some knitting yarns feel harsh on the skin, while others may be too heavy. 

Choosing the perfect whimsical knitting for your girls and boys can save you a lot of trouble, especially those hectic school mornings. There is nothing easier than simply throwing on a knitted cardigan over a casual shirt or T-shirt. For summer time, a cotton-silk blend short jumper is a time and style saver.

So how can you improve your skills when shopping for kids and babies’ knitwear clothes?

1.    Quality

Always. Buy. Quality.

We’ve all come across a wonderfully colored knitted sweater or scarf, but after washing it a few times, the fuzz is all there and is no longer in good condition to be worn. How can you avoid this?

The type of knitting yarn is the key here. If it’s itchy for you, imagine how that will feel on your kid’s skin. Even though there are plentiful knitting fibers out there, not all of them are purchase worthy.

If you intend on splurging a bit more, then cashmere is king. Hard to believe, but the more you wear it, the softer it becomes. It provides comfort for the skin, making it perfect for a kids’ knitted cashmere sweater or cardigan.

For a more affordable budget, cotton knitted garments for kids are a common choice. The fiber is plant based, feeling smooth on the skin. This is why you can expect to find a lot of cotton knitted clothing for babies as well.

2.    Label Reading

Just like when going shopping for your groceries, it’s important to learn how to read and understand the label for any knitted garment.

Every knitting shop for kids should put labels on their knitted clothing or accessories, for you to better understand the quality of the product. The label usually states information about the fiber content and product care instructions.

For instance, if you know that your baby or kids have rather sensitive skin, you should keep in mind that higher percentages of wool can trigger certain rash reactions. Instead, you can opt for a knitted sweater with 80% cotton.

If you intend on becoming more eco-friendly, a knitted dress or sweater made of a blend of organic bamboo knitting fibers is one of the best options for you. It drapes superbly and is highly absorbent.  

3.    Kids’ Knitwear Sizing

Choosing a size for your kids’ knitted pants or cardigan can be challenging. Usually, it’s fine to select the kid’s normal size, but keep in mind that some knitting fibers can shrink after a few washes. If it’s not a major inconvenience, you can opt for a bigger size in the knitted sweater for kids. It will look cool anyway, styled with jeans, boots and a knitted beanie.

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Happy Pride
June 28, 2022

Happy Pride

Pride day is a time of celebration, embracing one’s self and enjoying the bright future of those who live life to their true colors.

It’s a time of acknowledging the perseverance, courage and determination of those who were brave to stand their grounds and make their voices be heard.

Love for oneself and for another is the answer to our questions.

Commemorating the important fight and the civil rights obtained by the LGBTQ community is a stepping stone into the right direction.

Let us all be more cheerful, understanding and encouraging today and every day!

Happy Pride Day!

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The Knitting Place By House Of Pumpkin
June 20, 2022

The Knitting Place By House Of Pumpkin

Hello, everyone!

We have a new surprise for you - we would like to introduce you to @theknittingplace.hop by House of Pumpkin!

Since we have learned more about your rising interest in discovering more about the art of knitting and about its numerous benefits, we’ve decided to take things to the next level.

As you all know, House of Pumpkin is our clothing brand and we thought it would be a fabulous idea to create The Knitting Place as well. We will be conducting knitting lessons both for children and adults, where you can let your skills and imagination run freely!

At the Knitting Place, you will learn how to knit accessories and also our wonderful in-house designs that we sell at House of Pumpkin. Basically, you will create the pieces that you saw and love from our brand, while enjoying the advantages of knitting for your physical and mental health.

You can also come up with your own design and try knitting it at the House of Pumpkin’s Knitting Place.

We can’t wait to have you there and start knitting together!

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World Knitting Day
June 11, 2022

World Knitting Day

Hear the word `knit` and you immediately associate with old people, don’t you? Well, so do the majority of people who aren’t familiar with the art of knitting.
Whenever I knit on the bus or train, in restaurants or out in public spaces, people actually stare at me like I should have all white hair and wrinkles on my face.

So, in conjunction with the World Knitting Day, I thought it would be a special occasion to truly show the meaning behind knitting and to post a photo of me knitting, while enjoying my food. Knitting is more than a hobby. For me, it’s a way to detach myself from the outer noise and to capture a tranquil state of mind that eventually helps me to accomplish my goals and to be happy!

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Singapore Heritage Festival
May 30, 2022

Singapore Heritage Festival

In conjunction with Singapore Heritage Festival, we came up with the marvelous idea to have a photoshoot at the @mamadiam.prinsep , with inspiring touches of the `90s vibes. We wanted to evoke the special atmosphere of those years and Mama Diam was the perfect setting for it.

Their indoor and outdoor areas are stylishly designed and decorated in such a manner that they precisely express the beauty and charm of those years. The children were so happy and curious to discover everything from back then and they had a blast!

For kids especially and for the younger generation it is important to preserve our heritage and to remember our wonderful stories that connect us as one nation. The Singapore Heritage Festival is the perfect occasion to do so, since there are more than 100 heritage programs to choose from.

Both kids and parents can immerse themselves into an exploration of natural flora and fauna and truly understand why Singapore is called the `Garden City`. Preserving our legacy and comprehending why this is so important for future generations as well, stays at the core of this gorgeous festival.

From family activities and historical facts, to workshops, plenty of food options and digital collections, the Singaporean Heritage Festival is a complete journey!

👩‍👦‍👦: @chengnj

📸: @sweet.escape

Use the code KDFJU during check out for 15% OFF your photography package + free all photo!

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📸 SweetEscape Photography 📸
March 31, 2022

📸 SweetEscape Photography 📸

Two years have passed since we have not been able to travel due to the Covid pandemic.

Even so, during these two years, I have been a tourist in my own country, admiring its beauty. This was the perfect opportunity to look for unique Singaporean locations to have as background for my photoshoot.

Sweet Escape has offered me the help I needed through their talented photographer and now I have some amazing photos for my Instagram account and websites.

Booking a session with Sweet Escape could not be easier and their selection of photographers is especially good with children. You can rest assure that your little ones will look stunning in photos. I am so excited for my next session with them!

Use the code KDFJU during check out for 15% OFF your photography package + free all photo!

P/S: My very first photoshoot session with SweetEscape was in Bali.

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The Real Benefits of Knitting
January 16, 2022

The Real Benefits of Knitting

Why spending money on knitting is truly worth it

Knitting has become a popular hobby nowadays, especially since the age groups vary from preschoolers to seniors. Have you ever wondered why do people spend money on knitting classes? (Hint: House of Pumpkin offers knitting classes, one-on-one or in group sessions).

We have the answer for you - besides the beautiful product that results from this activity, there are some real benefits that come along once you dive into the art of knitting.

Knitting Benefits for Students

Starting from a young age, children develop their sense of reality, as well as their imagination and free artistic spirit. For children’s brain development, knitting reduces stress and increases the overall health. Moreover, knitting can overcome the effects of negative events, such as the stress from tests, bullying or isolation.

Moreover, knitting both for kids and students reduces anxiety, lowers the blood pressure and improves their motor skills. The fingers will move faster and the cartilage levels will improve.

It is especially recommended to knit in order to sharpen the kids and students’ attention span and their coordination. Also, they will learn to stay focused for longer periods of time and be prepared for more difficult tasks in the real world.

Building Up Character And Uniqueness

Encouraging kids and young adults to start knitting or to continue to pursue this hobby has other aces up the sleeve for them to benefit from. For example, through knitting everyone can create their own product. The product will have their own take on it, their own vision and a unique touch. The younger generation will learn that through expressing their own self will achieve uniqueness and a true sense of identity.

Moreover, joining a knitting club will help them connect with people who share the same hobby and perhaps other interests. They will improve their communication skills and understand that spending time doing a proactive, fun, creative and interactive activity will benefit them on the long run.

And one of the most important aspects: they will learn that there is no real need to spend a ton of money on designer items, such as bags, scarves or sweaters, when you can design and knit one of your own. You can add your favorite color in the pattern and shape that will best enhance your features and your preferences. Every kid and young adult will be proud of their achievement and will wear the final product with joy. Being your unique self is truly achievable through the art of knitting!

Benefits Of Knitting for the Working Adults

The work load and stress can easily add up and make every one of us feel like we need a serious break. Taking up knitting classes can relax you and take your mind off of the tasks that wait for you the next day. Your thoughts will stop racing and you will be finally able to enjoy the present moment.

Moreover, it is well known that after a relaxing period, the productivity levels will improve and you will feel more motivated to go after your goal and achieve it.

Another benefit of knitting for adults is that people become more aware of their cognitive functioning, while feeling encouraged to communicate with their inner child and let go of anything that is blocking their creativity.

Seniors Should Knit More Often

Seniors are exceptionally interested in knitting and they sure do know best, as wisdom comes with age! There are numerous benefits to knitting for seniors, especially when it comes to their mental health. Some seniors are lonely or may feel so, while some are anxious and stressed. Well, all of these negative factors decrease once they start knitting. Their minds concentrate on the task and the blood pressure is also reducing while doing so.

Seniors should also be encouraged to join a knitting class, so that they could interact and socialize. Their sense of loneliness and isolation will definitely reduce and this will offer them a sense of joyfulness.

For degenerative disease, which increase in number every year for seniors everywhere around the globe, knitting comes with real benefits. For diseases such as Parkinson, the uncontrolled and repetitive movements, that can become exhausting, are alleviated, as well, as the mind is given more happiness. Knitting is also important for delaying the onset of dementia, another common health issue for our seniors.

In the end, knitting unites and bonds people with the same hobby and portrays a world of creativity, fun and acceptance of one’s self because of its uniqueness and undeniable beauty! 

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January 09, 2022


There numerous benefits of knitting which apply to the mental health. Some of the benefit factors include reducing anxiety and the feeling of loneliness and isolation, as well as lowering blood pressure after facing adversities and stress. Meeting new people who share the same interest in knitting will create a sense of belonging and alleviate any negative thoughts regarding isolating oneself.

Moreover, with neurodegenerative illnesses, such as Parkinson, it has been observed a decrease in the uncontrolled movements of hands and feet. It slows down the onset of dementia as well.

The beauty of knitting is that, through its creative process, it increases the sense of wellbeing and helps with the serotonin release, making you feel happy and cheerful.

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January 06, 2022

Why are knitting class so expensive

Quality over quantity, right? Even so, people are often asking me why should they choose knitting? Or why learning to knit a small accessory is expensive?

The truth is that everything you learn has a price, depending on the skills you are gaining and the lifelong benefits that hobby is offering you.

With knitting, you’re not just paying to learn how to knit only one accessory, but you’re giving away some money in exchange of acquiring knitting skills which you could apply further along with any other knitting project. Plus, you get to keep the bag, which is a bonus item!

Also, House of Pumpkin conducts knitting sessions at your convenience, so that everything is within your reach and you won’t have to travel to attend the knitting classes.

We are excited to meet you and to share with you our vast knowledge and experience in the beautiful and mesmerizing art of knitting!

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WATG Tina Tape Yarn - Softer then silk, Cooler than linen
November 19, 2020

WATG Tina Tape Yarn - Softer then silk, Cooler than linen

My Tina tape yarn from WATG is finally here after 3 weeks of wait.

I ordered Midnight Blue for the guys and Hot Pink for the ladies.

I also got Jog Grey for Jake’s new Dino jacket and Space Black for myself.

Tina Tape’s simply the best at having the planet’s back. It’s made from eucalyptus tree fibre using renewable energy – double win. And wait for it, this softer-than silk, cooler-than-linen flat tape yarn’s vegan and uses no nasty chemicals either.

If anyone is interested in this yarn instead of our Shiny Happy Cotton yarns. Drop me an email and we can discuss more!


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