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Welcome to our House of Pumpkin, the shopping destination that brings magic to your children!

`A person is a person, no matter how small` - Dr. Seuss.

Because each child is uniquely gifted, we strive to encourage creativity and make it flourish! Here, we believe that fashion is more than just pretty clothes. By entering the House of Pumpkin, each child chooses to be innovative, inspirational and proud of his own individuality.

Our designs are versatile, valuable and playful! From luscious and irresistible bespoke knittings that make a youthful statement, to off the rack seasonal fashionable pieces, House of Pumpkin satisfies each and every need. Our vision is to transpose whimsical, adorable dazzling designs and styles into bespoke pieces for your little ones.

We know how important it is to take care of kids skin! Our knittings are made of exclusively high-quality luxurious pure silk. Offering that soft, dreamy and cozy feeling of comfort, these knittings are the essence of vivacious cuteness.  

From now on, you can picture yourself and your kid enthusiastic about school mornings styling sessions. Adaptable, easy to style and resourceful, our products are the go-to-choice, especially when in a hurry. Through our garments, we cultivate kids’ confidence by letting them make their own choices. Our knittings are customizable, so that your child would wear them with pure joy and zest.

Our `Mommy and me` section embodies the natural beauty of the mother and child bond. Because this unbreakable essence can be felt no matter the age, we’ve created delightful and charming garments with no age limit. Wearing the love for your mother and children is the most powerful and graceful testimony.

Capturing emotion and celebrating unbreakable bonds through innovative pieces!

We embrace harmony and refinement and we sparkle blissboth for you and your children!

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