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Vintage Photoshoot

Vintage Photoshoot

May 29, 2022

It’s a wrap!

After never-ending months of planning, postponing the shooting twice, missing clothing parcels and changing 3 photographers due to Covid and Dengue, we’ve made it!

We even finished the shooting within an hour, despite the scorched temperatures.

We chose the fabulous @mamadiam.prinsep for our location. We loved it for its ‘90s inspired vibes and Singaporean cultural heritage that they display in their bar and menu. We thought it would be a fantastic choice, especially since this younger generation is unfamiliar with the old-school atmosphere. The kids were ecstatic playing with props and enjoyed the outdoor space as well. Our photoshoot captured their excitement and joy - a true display of honest childhood happiness.

We are so grateful to @sebastianang and the entire staff at the @mamadiam.prinsep for receiving us with open arms and allowing us to use their inspiring place.

We also couldn’t be more thankful for you, @kar3n.lim Thank you for showing up!! You offered us great support and we appreciate it so much! It’s wonderful to have you by our side!!

To our dear young superstars’ mothers - @chengnj , @mumto4ahballings and @our_clangs , we are so grateful for you! We truly could not have done this photoshoot without you.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being there for us and supporting us with your beautiful words of encouragement and smiles. Your kids behaved so professionally and we were so happy to see the wonderful results of their work. We hope all of you had a lovely time with us and that you felt as wonderful as we did, having you there with us!

We can’t wait to have you kids and ladies by our side again for our next photoshoot and enjoy our time together!!

P.S.: No more heat and hot places next time, i promise, haha!

Stay tuned for the photos 📸


📸: @sweet.escape

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