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Jake Of All Trades

Jake Of All Trades

June 24, 2020

Nowadays, it appears that kids are simply glued to their electronic devices. Through their tech gadgets they explore the world in a different way than the previous generations did. Some of the greatest sensations are TikTok and YouTube, with the consequence that kids now dream of becoming the next YouTube star one day.

Nothing wrong with that, it’s merely different than the usual classic and rigorous well-known career paths.

Don’t get mistaken – there’s no difference for Jake. As Jake has ADHD, his focus is rather abbreviated in time. Thus, he best concentrates and directs his attention when he is building his LEGO tower or when playing video games on his Switch console or iPad. He is not particularly hyper active, but he loses his interest faster in things or tasks which he doesn’t like or find interesting.

For a very long time now, he has been requesting to have his very own YouTube channel and you know how we, parents, are. It is quite tough to resist those precious puppy dog eyes when they ask us of anything. So, there I was, during the Curitiba break, trying to come up with a name for his channel and design a matching and attractive logo.

And we finally got it right - `Jake of All Trades`!

`Why Jake of All Trades`? you may be asking yourself. I found my inspiration from the expression `Jack of all trades` which is a figure of speech. It basically stands for referring to a person who has dabbled into many skills and roles, but didn’t really gain much of an expertise in any of those domains. The version `a jack of all trades` is a sought-after compliment portraying a person who is able and capable of fixing thigs, whether that may be around the house or in general, and has a large spectrum of knowledge.

I felt like this goes well with my son’s ADHD because of which he gets bored of diving into only one activity and quickly shifts his focus onto the next thing that seems more fascinating, figuring out which one he likes the best. For a boy, I think it’s fabulous to try out everything, making him more able in the near and more distant future, to protect himself in some sort of way.

So, to put it out there, please support his channel @JakeOfAllTrades!  He would really appreciate it and would feel encouraged to upload more videos and have fun while doing it! Thank you!

Jake Of All Trades - J.O.A.T x H.O.P - House Of Pumpkin