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How To Design Knit Wear With House Of Pumpkin 

We have all been dreaming of that perfect knitted sweater to wear in front of a fireplace. You can now create your own design with House of Pumpkin! The steps are easy to follow and we’ve made sure that the process would be fun and creative.

Here are the 4 four steps to follow:

  1. Choose your apparel

Perhaps you would like to start your knitting project with a knitted jacket, hoodie or cardigan to style an autumn-winter layered look. Or maybe you are a big fan of the on-vogue knitted crop-tops and dress. You could even choose to knit a onesie for your baby, the choice is yours!

  1. Choose your size

Before creating your new favorite knitting, you need to know the body’s measurements. In this way, you will be safe from any future alterations that take up your time and patience. For stylish purposes, you could go up 1-2 measures, for a baggier look on a knitted hoodie or sweater, for example.

Standard Body Measurements/Sizing

  1. Choose your fiber

Choosing the fiber is one of the most important steps in the knitting process. Alpaca or Merino Wool would be a wonderful choice for a knitted cardigan, while cashmere will add a luxurious touch to your knitted sweater. For summer knitting fibers, you could select cotton, bamboo or silk yarns.

  1. Choose your colors

Color selection is a creative and intuitive step, that has the potential to transform your knitting project into a work of art. It’s best to select the color palette that complements your skin tone. You should also consider the most representative seasonal colors, such as beige, pastel or bold colors.

  1. Choose your design

Depending on your choice from the previous steps, you can pick the best option in terms of knitting design. The Lace design is considered to be more complex and it’s aesthetically pleasing for the spring/summer clothing, while the Cable design goes best with knitted sweaters thanks to its crossing layers texture.


Delivery: 4 weeks - 6 weeks excluding shipping time

How to wash:  Safe to machine wash but do it on a cold cycle to keep the best colour and shape of your pieces or hand wash to last longer (and to save water) / Dry flat

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