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1st Mother & Son Trip to Phuket

1st Mother & Son Trip to Phuket

December 21, 2018

17th December - 20th December 2018

As my work travels were so frequent, the time I spent with my son, Jake, became shorter. Wanting more quality moments with him, I decided to plan the most wonderful mother and son trip.

For our vacation, I chose Phuket, Thailand. Even though there are a ton of destinations to choose from, this one appealed the most to me. The crystal clear water, velvety sands and the luxuriant flora were big bonus points for this location.

We stayed at COMO Point Yamu. This is a superb location, overlooking the Andaman Sea. Our vacatin there was marvelous and so relaxing. We enjoyed our time by the pool and soaked up the sun. Jake took his first jet ski session right at their beach club! Alas, he wasn’t too fond of it and I doubt he will try it again anytime soon.

The peak of our trip was for sure the photoshoot at the beach. This was our second photoshoot overseas and we had a blast! Everything went perfect and it captured the precious moments that we spent together.

I definitely suggest you try this for yourself and your child. It will fill you up with good energy and revitalize your entire mood!