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Dad and Jake’s first time to Sydney

Dad and Jake’s first time to Sydney

June 01, 2018

I’ve been travelling to Sidney for more than I can count, whether it was for work, studies or just for pleasure. However, my dad and Jake didn’t yet have the opportunityto visit it. Having this in mind, I made sure Sydney was the chosen destination for our annual family trip!

I was partially busy working, as I spent half of my time indoors, at the office. Even so,every day I gathered with my family for lunch, before I had to go back to work, and for dinner, as soon as I had finished my tasks. In this manner, they had plenty of time to enjoy sight-seeing and make the most out of their vacation in Sydney.

We couldn’t possibly leave Sydney without having a photoshoot. At first, my plan was to only take photos of Jake, but he was so adorable that I had to join in! To be honest, I kind of regret I didn’t invite my parents to take part in it as well. I am sure we would’ve had so much fun together. All in all, the photos turned out beautifully and we now have our wonderful memories to share together!