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Mummies in Fashion Crime

Mummies in Fashion Crime

June 13, 2022

Starting a business from scratch, especially when you don’t have many mommy friends, nor a large network is definitely not easy! Being an introvert made it even more difficult for me to make new friends and acquaintances, as I am rarely reaching outside of my comfort zone.

This is why I feel like I need to give a big shoutout to these two amazing ladies, to whom I honestly wasn’t close to when I asked them if they were ok for their daughters to model for my knitting brand. They have been so supportive, understanding and nothing but kind to me. They always strived to accommodate my requests with no other interest in mind and I am thankful for them!

As I was looking through our conversations, unfortunately I came to the realization that I let them down as a friend. I was only asking for favors and didn’t really show them the gratitude and appreciation that they deserve for their help and patience. The truth is that without their good hearts and their talented daughters I would not have been able to display the beauty of my knittings. They offered personality to the items so everything became more than simply a piece of cloth.

I would really love to go for high tea one day and enjoy each other’s company!

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