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Covid Birthday

Covid Birthday

February 27, 2022


Finally, the clock stroke 12 and it made it real – this is how I was going to celebrate my birthday.

Two days ago, my test for Covid-19 came back positive…such a bummer. I feel like being sick has some different levels of hardship: being sick is already bad on its own, being sick and alone definitely raises the bar, BUT being sick and alone on your actual birthday is by far the worst!

This was the first time in all of my 35 years of existence when I celebrated my birthday all by myself and it made be more introspective. I reflected more on my life, my choices, what got me in the place that I at right now and how I should always strive to improve myself for me and for the loved ones surrounding me.

Also, this is the moment that reveals who your true friends are, who you can rely on and who is there just for the show.

Covid made me more independent and it showed me how strong I am, because when hardship bangs on your door, you can only rely on yourself!