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Why are knitting class so expensive

January 06, 2022

Quality over quantity, right? Even so, people are often asking me why should they choose knitting? Or why learning to knit a small accessory is expensive?

The truth is that everything you learn has a price, depending on the skills you are gaining and the lifelong benefits that hobby is offering you.

With knitting, you’re not just paying to learn how to knit only one accessory, but you’re giving away some money in exchange of acquiring knitting skills which you could apply further along with any other knitting project. Plus, you get to keep the bag, which is a bonus item!

Also, House of Pumpkin conducts knitting sessions at your convenience, so that everything is within your reach and you won’t have to travel to attend the knitting classes.

We are excited to meet you and to share with you our vast knowledge and experience in the beautiful and mesmerizing art of knitting!