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Top 3 Hacks for Shopping Kids Knitwear

Top 3 Hacks for Shopping Kids Knitwear

July 19, 2022

Buying knitwear for kids can be so fun and rewarding, especially if they are little and you get to see their honest reaction when receiving the gift. But have you always been successful when picking the perfect knitwear garment for kids? Some knitting yarns feel harsh on the skin, while others may be too heavy. 

Choosing the perfect whimsical knitting for your girls and boys can save you a lot of trouble, especially those hectic school mornings. There is nothing easier than simply throwing on a knitted cardigan over a casual shirt or T-shirt. For summer time, a cotton-silk blend short jumper is a time and style saver.

So how can you improve your skills when shopping for kids and babies’ knitwear clothes?

1.    Quality

Always. Buy. Quality.

We’ve all come across a wonderfully colored knitted sweater or scarf, but after washing it a few times, the fuzz is all there and is no longer in good condition to be worn. How can you avoid this?

The type of knitting yarn is the key here. If it’s itchy for you, imagine how that will feel on your kid’s skin. Even though there are plentiful knitting fibers out there, not all of them are purchase worthy.

If you intend on splurging a bit more, then cashmere is king. Hard to believe, but the more you wear it, the softer it becomes. It provides comfort for the skin, making it perfect for a kids’ knitted cashmere sweater or cardigan.

For a more affordable budget, cotton knitted garments for kids are a common choice. The fiber is plant based, feeling smooth on the skin. This is why you can expect to find a lot of cotton knitted clothing for babies as well.

2.    Label Reading

Just like when going shopping for your groceries, it’s important to learn how to read and understand the label for any knitted garment.

Every knitting shop for kids should put labels on their knitted clothing or accessories, for you to better understand the quality of the product. The label usually states information about the fiber content and product care instructions.

For instance, if you know that your baby or kids have rather sensitive skin, you should keep in mind that higher percentages of wool can trigger certain rash reactions. Instead, you can opt for a knitted sweater with 80% cotton.

If you intend on becoming more eco-friendly, a knitted dress or sweater made of a blend of organic bamboo knitting fibers is one of the best options for you. It drapes superbly and is highly absorbent.  

3.    Kids’ Knitwear Sizing

Choosing a size for your kids’ knitted pants or cardigan can be challenging. Usually, it’s fine to select the kid’s normal size, but keep in mind that some knitting fibers can shrink after a few washes. If it’s not a major inconvenience, you can opt for a bigger size in the knitted sweater for kids. It will look cool anyway, styled with jeans, boots and a knitted beanie.