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The Real Benefits of Knitting

The Real Benefits of Knitting

January 16, 2022

Why spending money on knitting is truly worth it

Knitting has become a popular hobby nowadays, especially since the age groups vary from preschoolers to seniors. Have you ever wondered why do people spend money on knitting classes? (Hint: House of Pumpkin offers knitting classes, one-on-one or in group sessions).

We have the answer for you - besides the beautiful product that results from this activity, there are some real benefits that come along once you dive into the art of knitting.

Knitting Benefits for Students

Starting from a young age, children develop their sense of reality, as well as their imagination and free artistic spirit. For children’s brain development, knitting reduces stress and increases the overall health. Moreover, knitting can overcome the effects of negative events, such as the stress from tests, bullying or isolation.

Moreover, knitting both for kids and students reduces anxiety, lowers the blood pressure and improves their motor skills. The fingers will move faster and the cartilage levels will improve.

It is especially recommended to knit in order to sharpen the kids and students’ attention span and their coordination. Also, they will learn to stay focused for longer periods of time and be prepared for more difficult tasks in the real world.

Building Up Character And Uniqueness

Encouraging kids and young adults to start knitting or to continue to pursue this hobby has other aces up the sleeve for them to benefit from. For example, through knitting everyone can create their own product. The product will have their own take on it, their own vision and a unique touch. The younger generation will learn that through expressing their own self will achieve uniqueness and a true sense of identity.

Moreover, joining a knitting club will help them connect with people who share the same hobby and perhaps other interests. They will improve their communication skills and understand that spending time doing a proactive, fun, creative and interactive activity will benefit them on the long run.

And one of the most important aspects: they will learn that there is no real need to spend a ton of money on designer items, such as bags, scarves or sweaters, when you can design and knit one of your own. You can add your favorite color in the pattern and shape that will best enhance your features and your preferences. Every kid and young adult will be proud of their achievement and will wear the final product with joy. Being your unique self is truly achievable through the art of knitting!

Benefits Of Knitting for the Working Adults

The work load and stress can easily add up and make every one of us feel like we need a serious break. Taking up knitting classes can relax you and take your mind off of the tasks that wait for you the next day. Your thoughts will stop racing and you will be finally able to enjoy the present moment.

Moreover, it is well known that after a relaxing period, the productivity levels will improve and you will feel more motivated to go after your goal and achieve it.

Another benefit of knitting for adults is that people become more aware of their cognitive functioning, while feeling encouraged to communicate with their inner child and let go of anything that is blocking their creativity.

Seniors Should Knit More Often

Seniors are exceptionally interested in knitting and they sure do know best, as wisdom comes with age! There are numerous benefits to knitting for seniors, especially when it comes to their mental health. Some seniors are lonely or may feel so, while some are anxious and stressed. Well, all of these negative factors decrease once they start knitting. Their minds concentrate on the task and the blood pressure is also reducing while doing so.

Seniors should also be encouraged to join a knitting class, so that they could interact and socialize. Their sense of loneliness and isolation will definitely reduce and this will offer them a sense of joyfulness.

For degenerative disease, which increase in number every year for seniors everywhere around the globe, knitting comes with real benefits. For diseases such as Parkinson, the uncontrolled and repetitive movements, that can become exhausting, are alleviated, as well, as the mind is given more happiness. Knitting is also important for delaying the onset of dementia, another common health issue for our seniors.

In the end, knitting unites and bonds people with the same hobby and portrays a world of creativity, fun and acceptance of one’s self because of its uniqueness and undeniable beauty!