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The Knitting Place By House Of Pumpkin

The Knitting Place By House Of Pumpkin

June 20, 2022

Hello, everyone!

We have a new surprise for you - we would like to introduce you to @theknittingplace.hop by House of Pumpkin!

Since we have learned more about your rising interest in discovering more about the art of knitting and about its numerous benefits, we’ve decided to take things to the next level.

As you all know, House of Pumpkin is our clothing brand and we thought it would be a fabulous idea to create The Knitting Place as well. We will be conducting knitting lessons both for children and adults, where you can let your skills and imagination run freely!

At the Knitting Place, you will learn how to knit accessories and also our wonderful in-house designs that we sell at House of Pumpkin. Basically, you will create the pieces that you saw and love from our brand, while enjoying the advantages of knitting for your physical and mental health.

You can also come up with your own design and try knitting it at the House of Pumpkin’s Knitting Place.

We can’t wait to have you there and start knitting together!