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Singapore Heritage Festival

Singapore Heritage Festival

May 30, 2022

In conjunction with Singapore Heritage Festival, we came up with the marvelous idea to have a photoshoot at the @mamadiam.prinsep , with inspiring touches of the `90s vibes. We wanted to evoke the special atmosphere of those years and Mama Diam was the perfect setting for it.

Their indoor and outdoor areas are stylishly designed and decorated in such a manner that they precisely express the beauty and charm of those years. The children were so happy and curious to discover everything from back then and they had a blast!

For kids especially and for the younger generation it is important to preserve our heritage and to remember our wonderful stories that connect us as one nation. The Singapore Heritage Festival is the perfect occasion to do so, since there are more than 100 heritage programs to choose from.

Both kids and parents can immerse themselves into an exploration of natural flora and fauna and truly understand why Singapore is called the `Garden City`. Preserving our legacy and comprehending why this is so important for future generations as well, stays at the core of this gorgeous festival.

From family activities and historical facts, to workshops, plenty of food options and digital collections, the Singaporean Heritage Festival is a complete journey!

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📸: @sweet.escape

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