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September 07, 2022

Over here, at House of Pumpkin, we are so thrilled to be featured on Lucy’s page about businesses to follow. Lucy is a mobile banking platform offering support to women entrepreneurs in Singapore. Besides helping business women grow their dreams and achieve their goals, it is a fab tool that comes in handy every day. You can track your family expenses and have a better understanding on how to save up more.

Lucy is doing a tremendous job in promoting women in business. We understand first-hand how important it is to be backed up by a strong partner, especially in the early stages of your business development. For a new comer in the business world, but also for more experienced entrepreneurs, it is crucial to have people that trust your vision and support your decision.

For instance, they have a dedicated page which promotes entrepreneurs, by picturing a bigger image on their goals and aspirations, as well as a brief description on the women behind the business.

Finding the right collaboration can be difficult at times, so we are thankful for the support of Lucy. If you want to take a look at how House of Pumpkin and myself are being portrayed in the business world, click here.

Take a closer step towards your business path and check out Lucy.