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How To Choose the Right Knitting Fiber For Different Seasons?

September 05, 2022

Knitting is one of the best forms of relaxation out there. It brings a soothing atmosphere around you and increases your creativity. But did you happen to stress out over what type of yarn to choose from winter? Is Merino wool more suited than silk knitting yarn?

When choosing your knitwear yarn, it’s important to remember your project. Do you want to knit a scarf or are you interested in crocheting a sweater?

Are All The Knitwear Yarns Year-Round Appropriate?

1.      Winter Wonderland Fibers

Just like with any other season, winter comes with its territory, especially when choosing the best knitting yarn for a knitted blanket or sweater.

·       Alpaca yarn

We’ve all seen at least one Alpaca wool coat and scarf that we fell in love with. However, when put directly on the skin, the wool can feel itchy and uncomfortable. Even so, the outer layers of the Alpaca fiber are soft and luxurious, offering a lush sheen to your knitting project.

·       Yak yarn

The ultimate choice for knitted sweaters, the yak yarn is soft, comfy and more affordable than other winter fibers, such as merino wool or silk.


2.      Summer Time Yarns

During summer, since the weather is dry or perhaps humid, depending on your location, you should stay away from big bulky yarns, such as wool. Besides cotton yarns, summer brings a ton more options and variety to truly enjoy your knitting project.

·       Linen yarn

One of the knitting fiber stars, the linen yarn is a strong fiber that will last you a long time. Its best advantage is that linen doesn’t get stained so easily, due to its abrasion resistance. No worries if you’re a messy eater.  

·       Bamboo yarn

Keeping you cool, this plant-based type of summer knitting yarn is definitely high on our list. The qualitative stitching and lush sheen that comes from it will get your project to the next level, while leaving your skin soft.