House Of Pumpkin - Customize Children Knitwear



January 01, 2020


Children are our world, the very essence of our existence. For a parent, there is no length too great to cross to bring magic and happiness to the child.

House of Pumpkin started as a project of the heart. It encompasses everything that is delightful and gentle from the mother’s love for her children. My drive is to create and transpose these diaphanous feelings into kids’ fashion.

From 2019, I embarked on this journey with the vision to reveal each child’s uniqueness. Through House of Pumpkin knittings, kids can actually customize their fashion choices, not just follow trends. They can freely, imaginatively and creatively express themselves. These fashionable kids will bring into the world their own touch and ideas.


Pregnancy is the gift that keeps on giving the tender, warmhearted sense of love and bliss. A state of excitement, joy and curiosity for the unknown. One that most certainly will change you for the better. Everything shifts, not only the way you feel about yourself. It also uncovers the potential to indulge in the everlasting presence of love for a yet to be discovered little soul.

This indescribable bond translated into my wish to have matching outfits for me and my son. A precious token of a forever memory of us.

Yet, I simply did not find anything that would include all I wanted in terms of kids’ fashion, designs, children appropriate fabrics and so on. So, I decided to give my knitting talent a try and see what happens. I knew I could create something spectacular for my son. Something that would reflect my love and appreciation for him.


Only if adults were as brave and visionary as children are, the world would have such a different light on it. After 2 years of consistent and dedicated effort, carefully analyzing and researching suitable yarns and designs, we have finally made up our minds and opened House of Pumpkin.

Ever since, my personal and so close to my heart project became my main interest. I had a mission: to create unique, bespoke kids clothing that would be fashionable and customizable as well. Sharing happiness means sharing our vision and hopes for a better future. The future of the children that we raise and encourage today.


When I think of childhood, I picture whimsical dreams and fluffy dancing clouds. The world of imagination and creativity in which each child should develop, grow and express himself. Because every kid is unique, I wanted to reflect that through our products. We encourage kids to share their personality by choosing their own clothing.

I love kids’ sincerity! If you want to know the real truth, ask a child. He will bluntly put into adorable little words, his thoughts and impressions. This is why House of Pumpkins seek to incorporate only top-quality fabrics. We use a luxurious type of cotton - Pima cotton. This will feel so soft and smooth on the skin! Just like the sweet and cozy memories of bedtime stories.  


Our bespoke kids’ knits are the essence of playful charm. Who said that crochet can’t be stylish? Children are little adults and they love to know they can make their own decisions. Let them choose their outfit of the day. Take a picture, let them be proud of themselves!

The House of Pumpkin kids’ clothes are adaptable and easy to care of. From play dates, school days and trips to the park, to birthdays and theme parties, you have everything you need for your child. Our knits for kids are a must have!

For cold rainy days, the House of Pumpkin knit jacket is the perfect choice. So fashionable and chic! Your kid will adore mixing and matching knits with jeans, skirts or even PJ’s! Just imagine how comfy and dreamy that is!

House of Pumpkin is the realm where imagination, childhood purity and style coexist. The place where your kid can source his inspiration from. The spot to shop from if you look for statement knittings that tell a story. The story your children want to express.

Customizable, artistic and youthful knits for kids!