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Working Life

Working Life

July 06, 2021

So many people have asked me: `Why do you want to start up a company of your own?`

In all of my 15 years of employment, I have been lucky enough to have amazing mentors and colleagues who, eventually, became really close friends. However, I can’t go on about my life thinking I will always be this lucky.

I was part of a start-up company where my colleagues were either uber young and thirsty for acknowledgement and professional recognition or surrounded by people carrying with them major trust issues.

Being at some point in a position where I got a load of professional attention from the founder of the company, since we worked so closely together, every day I felt like I was going to a battle field. At times I thought I should be wearing full on armor and ammunition! Only one week in and I felt as if I have been working there for a year! That’s how fast paced the environment was.

My patience was put to test every day, as everyone, so conveniently, classified me as `unable to work under pressure`. I even found myself snapping at my son for no apparent reason, not to mention I wasn’t able to spend enough quality time with him. This was not because of the workload, but because of the mental pressure and exhaustion I had to be face each day and because of my efforts to shield and protect  job I was paid to do.