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Why Seniors Should Knit

Why Seniors Should Knit

January 17, 2023

Seniors are exceptionally interested in knitting and they sure do know best, as wisdom comes with age! There are numerous benefits to knitting for seniors, especially when it comes to their mental health. Some seniors are lonely or may feel so, while some are anxious and stressed. Well, all of these negative factors decrease once they start knitting. Their minds concentrate on the task and the blood pressure is also reducing while doing so.

Seniors should also be encouraged to join a knitting class, so that they could interact and socialize. Their sense of loneliness and isolation will definitely reduce and this will offer them a sense of joyfulness.

For degenerative disease, which increase in number every year for seniors everywhere around the globe, knitting comes with real benefits. For diseases such as Parkinson, the uncontrolled and repetitive movements, that can become exhausting, are alleviated, as well, as the mind is given more happiness. Knitting is also important for delaying the onset of dementia, another common health issue for our seniors.

In the end, knitting unites and bonds people with the same hobby and portrays a world of creativity, fun and acceptance of one’s self because of its uniqueness and undeniable beauty!