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Understanding our children

Understanding our children

May 03, 2022

Parents always want what is best for their children. Or at least what is best in their opinion.

However, the tough reality is that parents have their own struggles to deal with and, with their busy schedules trying to juggle as many hats as possible, we barely see our children every day as much as we would like to. And in this lengthy process, they grow up and form their own personalities, preferences and dislikes.
They become unique individuals who have their own thoughts, feelings and who act accordingly to their beliefs. For them, parents become the authority figures who appear to only know how to set high standards and impossible expectations, without knowing if the child met any hurdles along the way.

And this is where frustration and miscommunication come into the limelight. On both sides, there is a skewed perception of the other’s lack of cooperation or unwillingness to come to terms. Parents tend to believe that the children are rebellious or misbehaving on purpose, but have we really put in the effort to walk a mile in their shoes? Imagine trying to understand and discover this big world and constantly having someone in your ear nagging you about how you should become a high achiever. It is not too pleasant, is it?

So, one question arises in all of this gray situation – do we really understand our children or do we start any argument having in mind that we always know it best?