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The First Outdoor Photoshoot

The First Outdoor Photoshoot

September 01, 2020

This year I was so eager to plan an outdoor photoshoot! For our location, I chose a place so dear to my heart – Little Wola Cafe. The cafe is co-founded by someone whom I worked for 15 years ago at his other cafe. They serve everything, from hot dishes to desserts. From the top of my head, their waffles and Lava cake are mouthwatering!

This year’s photoshoot revolved around something extremely close to my heart: Mommy and Me outfits. I am such a big fan of tulle skirts. I believe they are so dreamy and whimsical! Also, I’m completely in love with overalls. I started knitting 3 lovely cardigans for some amazing mommies and their princesses. I also got them white tulle skirts to perfectly go together with the cardigan.

For myself and Jake, I chose matching overalls and it was adorable! Such a memorable and lovely experience for the both of us!

You might ask yourself what is the difference between having an indoor versus an outdoor photoshoot. For us, it was really fun to have our photos taken and indulge our sweet-tooth with tasteful desserts and coffee. We are so excited for our next photoshoot with them, which hopefully is going to be soon enough!