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School’s OUT!

School’s OUT!

November 17, 2020

Great news ahead: staycation starts now! Thankfully, for the next one and a half months, it is school holiday period in Singapore and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it!

This week is our first staycation and we have already made our plans about indoors activities and other fun stuff we have prepared. It is so exciting that we will spend more time together as a family and we are always grateful for this! We will relax, watch movies, eat a lot of great food and enjoy each other’s company.

Nothing can beat a fabulous staycation with your loved ones!

Because we loved our time at the Marina Bay Sand, we went back there for a lovely staycation with aunt Janet. Even though we never really have the same perspective on things, my heart aches looking at her… She is so sweet and truly dotes on her nieces and grandnephew!

During our staycation, a rather distinct feeling embraced me and I couldn’t help but wonder if the next day I will wake up and find her resting in a painless and peaceful forever sleep…

As I grow older, I certainly start cherishing everyone around me even more than I did before, and give my thanks for each beautiful day that I receive as a gift to wake up to.