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Refusing to give up

Refusing to give up

August 02, 2022

For the past couple of weeks, I fought off the thought of giving up way too many times. I was ready to refund the money and decline the orders. I even got to the lengths of drafting a pathetic excuse to be delivered to the client, explaining why it’s impossible for me to finish the order. It was simply waiting for me to press the `Send` button.

But I’m glad I didn’t!

And this is all thanks to the people that always encouraged me to not give up on my dreams and my hard work. I invested a lot of passion, commitment and dedication to this project and I now realize that it has become such a meaningful part of me. Giving up on it would mean refusing to follow my intuition and my aspirations, simply because I encountered some bumps in the road.

Now I know that these obstacles, no matter how big or scary they may seem, are only there to push you beyond your limits, to achieve your goals and to reach far beyond what you would have ever imagined.

Every day I make the conscious decision to continue with this knitting business project of mine and, honestly, I couldn’t be prouder of what I’ve achieved thus far.

More often than not, hard times forge amazing horizons for us.