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Perfect Mom?

Perfect Mom?

July 05, 2021

Like any other imperfect mom, I was making myself guilty of certain things, even though I try my best every time.

Of course, there are always going to be other people (most of them haven’t even walked a mile in your shoes) who ask you `But why aren’t you the perfect mom?` Well, to those I respond: `It’s easier said than done, isn’t it?`

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to be perfect?

Even though we know all of the theory, that perfection isn’t achievable, we always strive to toch it, don’t we? Is it because we tend to follow a goal that is far from us because we feel like we owe it to ourselves? Or is it because we have a rather questionable sense of self preservation and we feel almost obligated to prove ourselves to others?

This photo right here makes me feel like, at times, I am sort of caging my son in a way and instead of complimenting him, I am always busting his own bubble. By doing this, I believe I try to make him more humble and down to earth. I don’t want him to become entitled, like he is the center of the universe (even though for me he is) or like he will always have everything he wants and money will just roll into blocks into his lap.

Of course, he is spoiled by his grandparents and it’s only normal to be so, as all grandparents do so. They offer him anything and everything he wants, which kind of contributed to his present behavior which I am trying to mold into something better.

As parents, we are so busy with their everyday hustle and we tend to ignore the importance of mental health. Mental health issues are real and pressing, starting as soon as the pre-school period. I wasn’t aware of this until I spoke to Jake’s counselor, the moment he entered primary school.

The stress and pressure of the parents transcend to the children, not to mention they have their own personal problems, and to their own scale, these issues might not be as little as we imagine.

I make myself guilty for sometimes snapping at Jake and I notice that this behavior is easily mimicked by him. He tends to express his frustrations through anger, even towards people who deeply care for him.

There is no doubt that both of us are a work in progress, but isn’t this what life is all about? Always trying to better yourself and we are looking forward to becoming our greatest versions in order to live a fulfilling lifestyle!