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Collboration with Nathaniel Ho

Collboration with Nathaniel Ho

January 30, 2021


I most probably sound like a crazy fan (even though, to be truly honest, I never was a big fan of local TV drama), but I was completely hooked to the TV series `Tangling` and Nat was for sure part of the reason. Of course, I had to start googling about him. And to add even more to my recently discovered fan in me, the more articles I read about him, the more it ma
de me want to know him a bit more. So, he became the top priority on the celebrity list to work with.

I didn’t approach him immediately after my website went up, as I was rather skeptical and even a little nervous to reach out to him for a possible collaboration. `After all, he is still a celebrity`, I thought to myself. I have quite the experience, as I have worked with a few influencers before, I finally reached out to him in November, 2020.

The day eventually arrived and we had a Zoom call in December 2020. It actually went really well! I delivered the sweater to him today, even though there were a few hiccups along the way with the cleaners. However, he was very kind about the entire situation!

He wore the sweater and even made a video!! Did I mention he has amazing vocals? I was really baffled, as he didn’t strike me as the usual `singing` type of guy, but he is just full of pleasant surprises!

In all honesty, I can’t thank him enough for this opportunity, as this is great exposure for the business. Not sure if I sound greedy or not, but I do not wish this to be the first and last time knitting for him. He is the perfect model for my knittings! Not everyone can carry knit wear as fashionably as he does!

The bluish grey sweater perfectly complemented his skin color and adds an even more romantic atmosphere to the song he was singing. Also, the rounded neck and the braided pattern create a casual chic approach, making it perfect for a variety of styling options.