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Mum’s Birthday Staycation at Marina Bay Sands

Mum’s Birthday Staycation at Marina Bay Sands

December 15, 2020

We are back here for Mum’s birthday staycation. As a kid, no matter what age you are, it always feels great to treat your parents and spoil them when you have the opportunity. As Latins used to say in more antique times, `Carpe Diem!` - Seize the moment, enjoy the day! I believe this is accurate and we should especially apply it with our parents, while they are still around to enjoy their presence.

We had a gorgeous staying at the hotel and my mum was over the moon with everything we had going on for her. From massages, to spa and special dishes, to simply relaxing under the sun with zero worries on her mind. This is a staycation that will live within me forever! 

The knitted top that Jake is wearing

I mean, I could not have possibly knitted something for me and my mum and leave Jake out of all of this fun, could I? Everything gets so much more delightful when he is around. Because he is a boy, I thought a jacket would suit him perfectly and it would enhance his beautiful features. It is the Blake hoodie, knitted using wool and the Gang Happy Billie Jean. Fun fact – the yarn is made from upcycle jeans. This is a great concept for kids as it teaches them to be stylish while being responsible and using sustainable friendly items, all at the same time.