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Mum’s Birthday at Mott32

Mum’s Birthday at Mott32

December 14, 2020


After so much time, we’ve finally got our chance to dine here, at Mott32. It’s an iconic place and we were thrilled to go, try their food and enjoy the atmosphere. We had their famous and oh-so-delicious Applewood roasted Peking duck. The reason this dish is their signature one it’s because the Peking duck is hand picked at 42 days old and marinated using special techniques and then smoked with Applewood. Another great dish we tried there, was their roasted pork which was another fantastic choice for us.

We recommend it to anyone who wants to enjoy a glass of wine while savoring a yummy dinner!

For mummy’s birthday I didn’t want to just go to a mall or order something online. I wished to create something unique for her that she would cherish forever. And what better choice than knitting a top for her?

Knitting a top for mummy’s birthday

I enjoy giving names to the designs I bring to life and I called this one `Olivia`. I find this name to be the feminine version of the Oliver design. Also, being a lace version makes it even more perfect for ladies. I specifically selected a prime wool and knitted it adding the right amount of the Gang Happy Shiny Cotton in the Eagle Gray shade. I believe thiscomplements her skin tone perfectly and it looks aesthetically beautiful on her. I feel likeshe really enjoyed receiving this as a gift from me and she appreciated my gesture. I am delighted she loves it!

The knitted top I’m wearing

Of course, I wanted to match my mummy. No matter the age, it is always fun to dress up with your mum and have a relaxing and joyful day together, especially for such a jolly occasion like her birthday celebrations. The name of the top I’m wearing is `Iris`. I have to say, I am pretty impressed and satisfied with the names I pick for my creations. Thistop is the ladies correspondent of the Isaac design. It is knitted using the same fabrics which I used for my mum’s top – wool and the Gang Happy Shiny Cotton, this time in the Ivory White shade. I love how it feels on my skin, as it is so smooth and comfortable, like a warm fuzzy hug. I also enjoy that I don’t get too hot or too chilly while wearing. The perfect mix of fabrics!