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Jolyn’s Wedding

Jolyn’s Wedding

January 09, 2021

Second wedding of the year...

My day started at 6.30 am, as the make-up artist arrived earlier to do the make-up for the bride and my mom. At 8 am, I had to wake up Jake and get him ready before the groom arrived. At 9 am, Jake, Jolyn and my aunt indulged in playing Pokemon in the living room while waiting for the groom to arrive at the house. Unfortunately, due to this pandemic context, all the festivities seem so simple, that it doesn’t even feel like a wedding.

When the groom arrived, at around 9.30, Jake opened the door for him and I found it to be a special moment. H picked us up at 10 am and we arrived at the reception venue at 10.45 am, while being surrounded by a pouring shower of rain.

The solemnization took place at around 11 am and we finally got to see all of my aunts and cousins. Sadly, these days we are only able to see each other during a wedding or funeral, there is no in between.

We enjoyed the wedding lunch at 12 at noon and, at the end of the day, we were thrilled for the   newly-weds’ happiness and future together.