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Is Knitting Stressful?

February 06, 2023

Some people might be wondering why do I knit, since it can be quite a stressful hobby. They could never understand how could I be possibly be knitting after a long day’s work. For me, knitting means unwinding and relaxation. What keeps me calm and eases my anxiety are the repetitive and mesmerizing movements of placing together stitch after stitch.

During our knitting sessions we are joined by people who suffer from burnout, anxiety and even depression, and every one of them is adamant about the benefits they feel after knitting. Of course, even people who are naturally relaxed should start knitting, since it helps with lowering blood pressure, increase motor functions and focusing skills.

While knitting, I have met plenty of women, from all walks of life, who I have befriended and from whom I have learned a great deal. My ultimate goal for the Knitting Place is for it to become the top place where knitters gather, create and design their own knitwear. I envision it as a place where knitters will pridefully show off their creations. In the near future, we shall have Wine & Knit and Dine & Knit events, where we will be waiting for all of you, knitting enthusiasts.

For those of you who have been on this journey since 2022, I thank you deeply for being such a major part of the Knitting Place community. For those who have just joined us, you will be amazed by all that you will gain by joining our ever-growing knitting community so let’s enjoy this