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House Of Pumpkin And Crane Event for Mother’s Day

House Of Pumpkin And Crane Event for Mother’s Day

May 04, 2022

As Mother’s Day is coming up this weekend, everyone is excited about this cheerful event. I am also delighted to be partnering with Crane for this weekend’s Single Mom Pop-up event!

It’s a celebratory gathering, where we invite everyone, from single mothers, parents, divorcees, to even the blissfully committed, to open up their hearts and engage in our informal therapy narrative.

There will be open sharing sessions, a special presentation by Cheryl Lee and, the cherry on the cake and my personal favorite ace up the sleeve, a House of Pumpkin knitting workshop!

I will be thrilled to be conducting knitting lessons for you, at only $20 per pax! We will combine social interaction with fun and engaging knitting information. In the end, you will have gained not only a new acquired skill set, but also create meaningful memories.

Another exciting news is that I had an open conversation with Ayodya from Crane’s editorial team! We invite you to take a look and read this heartfelt article about single moms turned entrepreneurs. You will learn bits and pieces about @sash_in_singapore and myself and how we managed to survive the break-ups that ended us up as single mothers.

Click on the link below my profile to discover the article!