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Happy Birthday, Son!

Happy Birthday, Son!

June 25, 2022

Oh, how time flies! It was only yesterday that you were born and it became the best day of my entire life. I truly didn’t know what unconditional love is, until you were in my arms, my darling boy!

And if I thought that time has already flown by so fast, as you enter your teen hood, it’s as if it comprises. You have grown into your own person, with a wonderful heart and a free spirit. What I appreciate the most about you, is how you always want to help others, that you are kind and empathic and that you only wish the best for everyone.

I know that as you grow older your perceptions and ideas might change and even though we don’t always see things eye to eye, I couldn’t be prouder of the young gentleman that you have become.  

Just know that mommy will always be by your side, to guide and support you, and you can confide in me anytime you want. I am truly privileged to have a son like you that teaches me patience, compassion and dedication each day.

Thank you for making me your mommy, I love you forever!

Happy birthday, my baby boy!