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Happy Birthday, My Darling Friend

Happy Birthday, My Darling Friend

April 30, 2022

It’s been 15 years now, since I first met this outstanding woman. It all started at work and I remember that the very first time I saw, I felt such a deep hate, it was despicable. However, I can’t pinpoint the exact reason why I felt that. I must’ve been judging her without actually knowing her.

Now, thinking back, I can’t even remember in what circumstance we actually became friends. This is hilarious!

During these 15 years of true, devoted and meaningful friendship, I was lucky enough to get to know her real self and she is so beautiful inside and out!

Sadly, we don’t meet as much as we would love to, since we’re both full time working mothers and our schedules clash most of the time. However, if I’m lucky, I usually get to meet her once or twice a year, but I would really love for this to change for the better and meet more often.

I will admit that there are times when I definitely think that I find excuses for myself for not putting in the extra effort to meet her more often. Or maybe I do this because she has this incredible ability to see right through me and read me like a book. She has truly become my walking conscience. I can’t even think to tell her a lie because she spots it from a mile away!

There were many times when I couldn’t deliver her the knitwear I promised I would, due to a thousand reasons. And even though I’m not sure if she’s disappointed in me or not, she never fails to be supportive and understanding. She has such a big heart and is so selfless! Every time I need help forthe kids models, she never hesitates to step in. She is always available to talk or answer any of my questions, the best she can. We could talk for hours and not get bored by each other.

Sometimes I take a trip down the guilt lane and I wonder if I don’t somehow take her for granted, because she is so kind and thoughtful. Nevertheless, I am utterly grateful for all of the happy and tough moments we shared together and I am blessed to have her as my friend.

Happy belated birthday and Happy Mother’s Day, my darling friend!