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Our First Family photoshoot

Our First Family photoshoot

December 29, 2019

The story of our family goes something like this: We’ve always had our ups and downs, our fair share of hardships and beautiful moments. Unfortunately, I was designated to be the black ship of the family. Not quite sure why and when did this happen, but this was me in the eyes of everybody else.

Probably this is why I was never close to my family. Somehow, we didn’t manage to have a great relationship.

But sometimes, life has a way of sorting itself out. Everything changed when Jake came into our lives. He had an unimaginable light and power that created a bond between all of us.

Ever since, we started organizing family dinners and trips. This year was another first for us: our family photoshoot. Jolyn introduced us to her first boyfriend ever and I have to say they are incredible together. They complement each other so lovely and they really are perfect for one another. I am so happy and thrilled for her and so is the entire family.

As we were all gathered for the photoshoot, I realized there was something missing for me. Thus, I started knitting an entire collection for our first photoshoot. It was a precious memory for all of us and we marked it so lovely with special garments for each one of us:

- For Dad and Mom I chose the Alexander design in Ivory White;
- For Jolyn and Jonathan I opted for the Morgan design in Jog Grey;
- For Henry, Jake and myself I went with the Chandler design in Cloudy Blue.

Everything came together so beautifully and we are excited for our future family moments!